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Which island in Greece is perfect for you?

Which island in Greece is perfect for you?

Greece is a European country that’s so perfect for travelers and tourists. Actually, it is identified as one of the most popular tourist destination in the whole world.

This country has 1,400 islands, 23 of which are inhabited –is one of the most beautiful assets of the Mediterranean. The country is rich in beautiful tourist spots and offers trips that you will never forget. Each of Greece’s islands has its exceptional tourist attraction and some of the most scenic views here on our planet.

To help you decide which Greek island is suitable for you, here are some of Greece’s top tourist destinations:

Hydra: for arty types

The island is a special island for two reasons: first, it’s very popular for Athenians because its location is very close to Athens; second, cars are prohibited, thus donkeys are the means of transportation in this island –it’s actually a good thing because the tradition is well preserved. The island is favorite of some international celebrities.

Delos: for history enthusiasts

Delos is a tiny island that is located near Mykonos in the center of Cyclades. This island is believed to be the birthplace of the Greek mythology twin gods Artemis and Apollo. The island is undeniably tormented with a lot of improbable archaeological ruins such as Apollo’s Temple of Delians; The magnificent Terrace of the Lions which is built by the people of Naxos afore 600BC. Originally, there are 12 of them, now, only seven remains.

Naxos: for endless beaches

The island of Naxos is surrounded by awesome beaches and perfect sandy coves. Hora, the main town of the island is actually a complex collection of sheer paved laneways that are full of shops, bars, and restaurants. You’ll never get tired on looking for beach here because as what is stated a while ago, the island is surrounded by golden beaches.

Milos: for hidden secrets discovering

The island of Milo isn’t like other Greek islands that are developed for tourism. Mining has been the main industry in this island because its ground is full of minerals. There are a lot of beautiful underwater caves and rock formations perfect for explorers. It also has over 80 gorgeous beaches and abundant natural hot springs.

Tinos: for traditional villages

This island has 50 villages and each has its own distinct appeal. Tinos is home to the most beautiful types of Cycladic architecture and all its villages are linked by awesomely-made walking pathways.

Paros: for wine lovers

The island is perfect for oenophiles or wine lovers because it is the only place where you can find the oldest winemakers that produces quality wines. However, Paros is not just about wines; the island is also home for traditional villages, beautiful beaches, and other amazing sceneries.

Sifnos: for outstanding tavernas

The island is popularly known for its first-class food. In this island, everything is superb when it comes to the food they serve. Additionally, the island offers locally made ceramic and indispensably perfect beaches.

Skyros: for worshippers of Dionysus

The Greek god of ritual madness, wine, and fertility, Dionysus was worshipped in this island. Furthermore the island is a perfect place to join in some festivities. It is also believed that this island is the hiding place of Achilles. Also, the Minotaur slayer, Theseus said to have died in this island.

Symi: for art lovers

Symi is some sort of special island in Greece. It is different from other island in Greece that has a whitewashed beauty. If you come closer to Symi’s harbor, you can see vivid colors of mansions. Not only that, the island has also stunning churches, seaside tavernas, monasteries, and alluring coves.

Mykonos: for night owls

This island is a hit for some celebrities, nightclub-goers, models, and pleasure seekers. It has a lot of nightclubs and harbor side bars.

Santorini: for romantics

Santorini is the perfect island for all people who love romance. The sunsets in this island are spectacularly beautiful. However, because the island is so beautiful, many tourists are also visiting the island making the crowd so intense.

Crete: for active type of people

This place is perfect for travelers who are active in venturing. The island has an amazing mountain scenery and hiking paths.



The island of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town. It has a lot of impressive alleys, amazing museums, boutiques, and galleries.


Zakynthos: for sun lovers

This island is popularly known of its crystal waters where tourists can swim freely with sea turtles and dive into underwater caves. The Shipwreck Beach is the most popular part of this island –the MV Panagiotis is located here which is perfect for photographers.

Truly, Greece is a great country to travel and unwind. Anywhere from the above stated islands are perfect if you want to spend your leisure time in a very wonderful and mesmerizing environment. You will never get bored in travelling to Greece!

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