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Top 5 Places to See Autumn Foliage in Europe

Different countries experience autumn season. In this season weather were getting colder and days are getting shorter. During autumn people experience the chestnut fragrance, mushroom start to grow and the most awaited part during autumn is the foliage. The colors of the leaves were starting to change from orange and red, and each wood looks like a blast of colors.

Everyone will notice the beautiful and romantic landscapes that can be found in each corner of Europe. Autumn season is the perfect time to trip on the nature because nature becomes more magical. Let us find out the best place to see the autumn foliage in Europe.


Serbia is not a popular tourist attraction but it offers the visitors a wonderful and perfect nature, one of which is the Tara National Park.

The Tara National Park covers the uppermost part of Tara Mountain. Although today there are different illegal activities that occurs in forest, this park still manage to maintain its natural resources that is why it is known as national park. Tara National park presents the most precious historical and cultural monument of the park and natural values.


During autumn Lake Bled is the truly magical and best place to visit although this is still beautiful and worth visiting in any type of season. During daytime you can feel the warm breeze of the wind and it is best to way to enjoy the breeze is by walking around the lake. Lake Bled is considered as the jewel of Slovenia because of the trees that surrounds and covers the area. The Lake Bled surrounds the Bled Island. This island is cover with different buildings, but pilgrimage church is one of the treasured buildings in the island according to them that this church is dedicated to Assumption of Mary.


Riding a bike is the best way to explore the amazing beauty of Tyrol. The color of the forest shines from golden yellow turning to deep red. Riding your bicycle for about 3800 kms, allows you to discover the hidden forest and villages. If you are wishing to stay in a quiet and peaceful place probably this is the best place for you. Tyrol is not only a place for autumn foliage this is also worth visiting during winter season. In Tyrol they also offer different winter activities.




Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe experience the beautiful foliage. Blenio Valley is a type of alpine valley that can be found in Ticino, this valley offers an opportunity to walk throughout the vineyards, paths pastures, and a forest corner that Swiss kissed from the sun.

During season of summer, hiker enjoys the beautiful scenery of the valley they are the one preserving the art treasures in the valley trail and old villages.



Loire is a well-known place in France during the month of October up to November because it always provides beautiful show and scenery. The foliage of the wine grower always makes the landscape that borders the famous castles more evocative.

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