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Amsterdam Attractions: Top 5 City Highlights

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands –actually, it’s just a small city and you can wander here even just by walking around. Here, they use the tram system –this could transport you well to all the beautiful attractions in the city efficiently.
Amsterdam’s center is at first like a maze of wide streets and canals that are actually has no plan and pattern. Some people say that it is like a large spider’s web –hence, if you got to know the overall structure of the city, then it will be much easier for you to roam around.

Spider web-like canals
As mentioned a while ago, the center of the city is like a spider’s web –actually this is called Dam. Amsterdam is also home for several oldest waterways which are very important before in Dutch trading industry.
If you want to discover the historical city of Amsterdam and get to know more about the true magnificence of it, you can try to take the canal tour using boat.

Top tourist spots in Amsterdam

The Canal

Amsterdam is very popular of its canals, that’s why having tour in the canal using bicycle is a very fun way to explore the city. It might be a bit confusing but you will never go wrong if you have a map and of course, a sense of direction. However, if you don’t want to get lost in this amazing city, you can join in an organized tour.
Canal tour is also one of the highlight activities in the city. There are bunch of companies that are offering boat tours so it’s so easy to find and ride on them. Also, the tour guide in the boat will keep you informed about all the tourist spots you visited.

The Rijksmuseum

It is the highpoint of every art enthusiasts who comes to Amsterdam to visit the famous Rijksmuseum or the State Museum. It is undeniably the home to some of the best collection of Dutch artworks all over the world. The museum was designed by P.J.H Cuypers and opened its doors in1885.
The art collection in the museum is varied. Most visitors that comes to the museum mostly see art from the 15th to 17th century. Among all of these collection are Rembrandt’s artworks.

The house of Anne Frank


This is the house where Anne Frank wrote the frightening events their family experienced in the World War II. The house was built in 1635 –it still looks the same as the time Anne Frank hid here. In 1960, the house was opened to the public as a museum. Visitors are also allowed to go through the secret rooms in the house.



This city highlight is a place of serenity located in the heart of the city. The place only has two entrances and you are only allowed to enter if it is morning. The place has a Roman Catholic Chapel inside of it –you can visit it if you want to.
It has now became a center of religious activities. However, the silence in the place is really important that any talking is prohibited and should only be done outside.


Van Gogh Museum


The Dutch master, Vincent Van Gogh has his own museum in Amsterdam –located just behind the Rijksmuseum. The museum became home for more than 500 drawings and 200 paintings of Van Gogh. All of the artworks that are in the museum are collected by his brother, Theo Van Gogh.


The included tourist spots in this article is far from the whole. There are numerous City highlight in Amsterdam –of course, it depends on your interests. However, we can certainly say that Amsterdam is really a city that is full of tourist attractions. A perfect place to relax and chill out.

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